Why installing WordPress in the Cloud?

WordPress: a CMS to discover

WordPress.org (do not confuse with WordPress.com) is a free CMS based on the PHP language and MySQL database management system. Why is WordPress so popular with newbies, like experts in the field?

Why choosing WordPress?

Its multi-task aspect, its free, the ability to create a personalized site and improve its SEO, are some the various benefits offered by WordPress. Learn more about its many features, which make it the dominant platform at the moment.

A multifunctional CMS

As we mentioned, WordPress allows you to create a wide variety of websites: directory, forum, a showcase site or e-commerce. Although, the CMS was designed to put online blogs, many developers got interested in this platform. Since then, they have allowed its development.

As a result, if you have a good command of the developer techniques, it is quite possible to modify and optimize the rendering of your next platform, because WP is open source.

WordPress has become a tool offering maximum flexibility, allowing to design the site that corresponds to your expectations. This is whether or not you have knowledge of webdesign or programming language.

WordPress is totally free

This is certainly what encourages the use of WordPress on the web: this CMS is completely free. In other words, you do not need to have a subscription or pay a registration fee. On the other hand, the free personalization of a website is quite conceivable, given the multitude of templates offered. Moreover, every paid or free theme can be modified at will.

Also note that a large number of plugins and extensions are freely available. This will allow you to create a platform that looks like you, professional and functional.

The ability to create a single site

Are you looking for an intuitive and easy-to-use CMS? In this case, count on WordPress. It will only take a few minutes to understand how it works, since everything has been designed to facilitate the management and customization of your website. The interface is fluid, efficient and fast and above all, accessible to all.

Indeed, even a true beginner in website creation will get there with WordPress. However, this CMS also meets the needs of developers, graphic designers or savvy web designers, who will benefit from features tailored to their needs.

The ability to add multimedia content whatever it is, to create a menu, to classify your articles in different sections and this, in just a few clicks, that’s what you can offer this CMS.

The WordPress community

For each difficulty encountered on WordPress, it is possible to connect to the various forums, as well as on the support of the CMS. Being the world leader in content management systems, you will have no trouble finding the answer to a question or the solution to your problem, thanks to the community created around WordPress.

A CMS that boosts your SEO

Creating a website and being referenced is not easy, especially when embarking on online platforms. Also, to optimize your visibility on the search engines, choose WordPress. Thanks to frequent updates on permalinks and keywords, the ability to set the right tags and use free extensions like Yoast, to boost your SEO, you can easily go up the page ranking of research. Of course, a good command of writing, as well as social networks is undeniably a plus, to well reference.

A platform that evolves with its time

Today, the habits of Internet users have changed. Indeed, searches are mainly done on mobiles and tablets too, CMS must adapt, to propose “responsive” sites. The technologies of some media players are not suitable for mobile media. 

Also, WordPress offers free themes embedding the jquery. It allows reading and browsing a website from a smartphone or tablet.

These templates are therefore able to adapt according to the support used, by proposing a suitable design and an optimal display. Moreover, to benefit from a responsive site is a real advantage in the eyes of the search engines, to improve your referencing. This technology is not to be neglected.

A colossal number of plugins

We have already mentioned, the number of free and paid plugins designed for WordPress is at least gigantic. Thanks to these extensions, it is possible to customize the design of your platform, its referencing, etc.

As you can see, WordPress is particularly suitable for all your web projects, regardless of their nature. Whether you are an individual, an SME, a freelancer, an association, etc., you will necessarily enjoy the benefits of this CMS, designed for all types of users. Feel free to try it, since WordPress is completely free!

Have you chosen your CMS? Take some time to choose a good Cloud Provider with our advices!

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