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High Performance With SSD

All cloud servers are built with the highest performance of SSD cloud storage and hardware scaling. If you need more processing power upscale your instance up to 12 CPU Cores and 192GB RAM.

Hourly Billing In
Dollar Or Real

You will pay only for what you use. All servers are billed hourly to get the MAX balance control. Create and destroy a cloud server whenever you need, without being debited for monthly plans.


Deploy Your Cloud Server Worldwide

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Miami Starting at
$ 5
,40 /mo
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Accelerated CDN service


Reduce traffic costs and increase performance Making your projects available worldwide. Bring your clients closer and Accelerate your service with a single click.

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Deploy Customized instances Easily


It is very easy to deploy your cloud server with our CLI. Just Select a region, image, resources and create it. With Letscloud, you can deploy a cloud worldwilde as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just Try!

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Deploy With Your Favorite Distribution


Choose through 5 distributions and 16 versions to deploy a server. Save your time while starting a project by using our preset distributions.

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curl --location --request POST
      "" \
--header "api-token: {{your api token}}" \
--header "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \
--form "plan_slug=1vcpu-0.5gb-5ssd" \
--form "location_slug=MIA2" \
--form "label=API" \
--form "image_slug=centos-x64-7.4"

Automate With Our API

Comming Soon

Automate deploys with our REST API and integrate your system to continuous infrastructure growth. With LetsCloud API it will be possible to create instances and manage it through your own code.

Network, Security And Additional Features


Make it simple, setting domain names to a cloud server using our DNS tool.

99.98% Uptime SLA

Grant Stability to your service with high quality DataCenters trough the world.

Network Firewall

Get your cloud server secure with internal Network Firewall software, for free

Disk Resize

Increase disk size to fit the Project needs. Rescale the storage capacity with a single slide

Vertical Scalability

Manage and rescale cloud server as your service grows.


Monitor the cloud server performance and resolve stability problems on your project.

Full SSH Access

Get Root administrator access and dedicated IP to manage included with all VPS.

Help Center

Get many problems solved with hundred of tutorials.

All Distribution Images Available

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