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What is Cyber Panel?

Hosting control panel, which one to choose? Today we will talk about CyberPanel, a free web hosting control Panel to deliver speed and security, developed by OpenLiteSpeed and available free of charge to the community. Having control intuitively to deliver an easy-to-use environment to the end customer is a market

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best practices against hackers

5 Tips to Keep Your System Safe Against Hackers

Although we are increasingly dependent on technology and storing our information online, this trend increases the number and the desire of hackers to try to acquire confidential information, such as passwords and files. This text offers 5 important tips for you keep your system safe. When infected by a virus

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computer with a key symbolizing DDOS protection

12 Ways to protect from DDOS attacks

In this post we are writing about DDoS attacks. We must agree that the best way to approach this subject is by preparing ourselves to protect from such menaces. We have set some good practices to increase security and avoid DDoS attacks. Be it width attack and band exhaust, or

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Agile Mindset: How it can change your business

What is worth: A dumb man with excellent tools or a wise man with old tools? We’ve let your knowledge about science of evolution answer this. With “Agile” it is the same, tools can be worthless without a great mind. What is “Agile”? Agile is from “Agile Software Development”, or

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people holding jigsaw pieces joining and forming the word TEAM

DevOps: How to engage your team?

As we explained in a previous article: DevOps is the contraction of the words “developers” and “ops”. It is a collaborative culture of automating processes, but it needs engagement between development teams and operational departments to facilitate software development, testing and delivery. Thinking DevOps as a culture, the employees needs

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phone with apps coming out of the screen accompanied by a lock

CI/CD safer? Discover it with Continuous Application Security

How to make sure your applications are safer knowing that vulnerabilities still the same 33 since 2003? The solution already exists and it’s quite simple. Discover now the key concepts of Continuous Application Security and make your business better. It’s a trend around the world see development companies investing in

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a computer with a cloud inside and with two nuts beside and behind multiple connections

A General View on Cloud Computing

We have written about cloud computing exhaustively because we are part of the group that believe the future of technology lies in this field. In fact, there is a lot of research and evidences about it.  Since its existence, cloud computing opened many doors to technology. Consider the concept of

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