Choosing the Right Cloud Computing Service

Choosing a cloud service

Cloud computing is nowadays an investment that several professionals and companies make. It’s a way to optimize services, reduce costs, give more mobility to internal professionals and achieve better results. However, despite these benefits, many people still do not know how to invest in a cloud computing service.

In fact, cloud computing solutions make infrastructure more scalable. It gives the business a broad ability to respond to market and business partner demands with agility. But for this, what should we analyze in the service we intend to get? How does SLA influence this process?

We’ll cover some points on how to choose the best cloud computing service in this post.

Consider support

User support is one of the main parts of an IT service. Through it, companies can solve problems, users get answers to their questions and the impact of failures is solved.

Identify the company’s availability to solve doubts, assess the coverage of support activities and the availability of accessible documentation. Thus, in case of failures, you will have no trouble restoring the company’s activities.

Evaluate the cloud computing service scalability

Cloud computing services are well known for their scalability. This ability to increase or decrease the resources available for use is one of its main advantages. It also ensures that users always have the maximum performance available.

Therefore, when hiring a cloud computing service, check the company’s ability to scale its operations. Identify how the business handles requests for modification of contracted resources, response time, and costs related to possible contract changes.

This should be a concern, especially when hiring cloud computing services via IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). In such cases, the company must always count on the right amount of computational resources needed to run its applications.

Keep in mind that scalability is directly linked to the company’s operating costs with cloud computing. Therefore, it is important that the business ensures the exact amount of resources required for its IT services functionality.

Learn about the cloud computing service’s data security and privacy policies

Privacy policies are one of the most important digital security factors in cloud computing services. Such solutions rely on hosting users’ internal data. That’s why it is important that the service provider knows how to store records safely. Thus preventing unauthorized access to accounts and usage information.

As a consequence, data leaks can have a major impact on a company’s business. In many cases, companies share user data with third parties to sell targeted advertising.

When investing in a cloud computing service, choose one that guarantees strict protection through its Service Level Agreement.

Access control mechanisms, for example, give the business more power over who can view their information. The internal data management policies the cloud computing service uses give the enterprise a sense of how it uses data to optimize the contracted tools.

Also, evaluate how security policies can be customized. If necessary, the manager should be able to monitor services, modify control rules and define security processes according to the business profile.

Evaluate the cloud computing service technology

Although the public cloud computing infrastructure minimizes the effects of an outdated infrastructure, the client should check how the service provider keeps its equipment and systems up to date. This is a factor that has a direct impact on the efficiency of the contracted tools and the functionality provided to users.

In that regard, you’d prefer a cloud computing solution that has an up-to-date infrastructure with the latest in terms of network equipment, servers, and software solutions. This will ensure access to innovative features, making the business more competitive.

In addition, it is imperative that news become readily available by optimizing the user experience and the resources are available to the user. So, also evaluate how the business releases updates on cloud computing software.

Check the service’s credibility

Lastly, it is worth highlighting that the ability of the cloud computing service provider to perform with high performance and quality directly impacts on its credibility in the market.

Considering this, identify – through consumer feedback, expert site reviews and other media – how the market sees the service you intend to work with. This will allow you to have a broader understanding of the enterprise, its strengths and weaknesses.

The experiences of other companies working with Cloud Computing, whether your partners or companies that work in the same area as you, should also be taken into consideration when choosing your cloud computing provider.

Finally, as we have seen, investing in a cloud computing service is even a strategic factor nowadays. This is linked to the business success and its ability to act strategically. So if you want to know more about this technology and how it can be integrated into your business operations, let us know!

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