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The main open source softwares technologies.

Fedora 34

All you need to know about Fedora 34 Beta Release

Fedora has a legion of fans. Formerly known as Fedora Core, Fedora is a Linux distribution developed by the Fedora Project, supported by the community, and owned by Red Hat. Fedora contains software distributed under a free and open-source license and aims to be at the forefront of such technologies.

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GitHub Tips

Five tips for your GitHub to boost your career

How is your GitHub nowadays? Since the creation of the platform in mid-2008, GitHub has grown exponentially. In 2011, it already hosted more than 2 million public repositories. Besides allowing vast access to this content, enhancing the learning of those who are starting to program, GitHub allows direct access and

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Why learn and where to learn Python

Why learn and where to learn Python?

Python is a simple, complete, accessible, portable, extensible programming language. Learning Python can expand your portfolio and guarantee your participation in interesting projects. Its popularity increases year after year. Currently, it ranks among the most used languages for Data Analysis, Web Development, and Machine Learning. In addition to winning the

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Grafana to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics!

Faster Data analysis is essential for making decisions that impact the progress and, especially, the continuity of any business. The metrics management and indicators are relevant pillars for analysis, planning, and decision-making in strategic sectors. Grafana is a tool for optimizing internal processes, define and monitor metrics and indicators, and

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Why should you start studying MongoDB?

“MongoDB is the only NoSQL database that almost everyone has heard of” – this was the introduction I heard about the ever-famous DBMS (Database Management Systems) that is non-relational; this conversation was in 2013. Today we are in 2021, experiencing the beginning of a new decade obsessed by Big Data.

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Nagios Zabbix

Nagios vs Zabbix – the eternal clash of monitoring

Zabbix and Nagios – They are constantly compared when it comes to network monitoring.
However, many tools offer an excellent monitoring experience, so, this is not a question of limiting choices.
The point is: few collisions attract as much attention as Nagios vs Zabbix.
Today’s post is all about the clash of them.
Place your bet and keep reading.

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