FAQ About Billing

Why am I billed for powered off my cloud servers?

When you power off your cloud servers, you are still billed for it. This is because your disk space, CPU, RAM, and IP address are all reserved, even while powered off. Therefore, charges are made until you destroy the instance.

How much am I charged for exceeded bandwidth?

LetsCloud Instances include free outbound data transfer, starting at 1000 GB / month for the smallest plan. Excess data transfer is billed at $0.01/GB. For example, the cost of 1000 GB of overage is $10. Inbound bandwidth to instances is always free Transfer allowance is pooled cumulatively at the account level, not individually LetsCloud Instances. If you have two instances with a 1000 GB / month allowance each, you can transfer 1900 GB of outbound data with one instance and 100 GB with the other, and you will not accrue any overage. Accrued transfer does not roll over between months.

How am I billed for my instances?

All servers on your account are billed hourly up to the monthly rate cap. The hourly rate is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 672 hours (28 days).If your server is online for more than 672 hours in a calendar month, you will only be billed the monthly rate.

FAQ About Technical

How do you charge for extra space?

After creating your first instance you can increase disk storage by accessing your instance’s dashboard and clicking on the ‘Storage’ session. Once you’ve opened the storage information, click on the small pencil icon and select “Add disk”. On the next page, just select the amount you need to add, and you will see the price on the indicator on the right. You can select at least 10GB and increase the amount according to the time you use LetsCloud.

How secure are containers?

Regarding security, containers share the kernel, some components of the system and also have root access. If compared to a virtual machine, containers are more exposed to vulnerabilities. But there are resources to increase containers’ security, such as creating isolation layers between applications and other components.

Can I downgrade my storage?

No, because of potential data loss you cannot perform an in-place downgrade of storage, but you can use these steps to migrate your files to a smaller storage subscription.

Port 25 seems to be blocked on my VPS, are you blocking it?

Please see our documentation for a list of blocked ports. HERE

Do you allow outbound SMTP?

In some instances, outbound traffic to the SMTP port may be blocked for new accounts. If you encounter this restriction, contact our support team from the customer portal.

What type of virtualization do you use?

We utilize KVM ( Kernel-based Virtual Machine ) on 100% of our infrastructure.

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