Cloud And Container Server Prices

United States flag Miami
United States flag Dallas
United States flag San Francisco
Canada flag Toronto
Brazil flag São Paulo
United Kingdom flag London
Netherlands flag Amsterdam
Australia flag Perth
$/hr 0.0075 $5.40/mo
1 GB / 1 CPU
10GB SSD disk
1 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.0130 $9.35/mo
2 GB / 1 CPU
20GB SSD disk
1.5 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.0246 $17.70/mo
4 GB / 2 CPU
30GB SSD disk
2 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.0464 $33.38/mo
8 GB / 4 CPU
40GB SSD disk
3 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.0845 $60.87/mo
16 GB / 6 CPU
50GB SSD disk
4 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.1611 $115.97/mo
32 GB / 8 CPU
100GB SSD disk
5 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.2486 $179.00/mo
48 GB / 12 CPU
200GB SSD disk
6 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.3361 $242.02/mo
64 GB / 12 CPU
300GB SSD disk
7 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.4892 $352.24/mo
96 GB / 12 CPU
400GB SSD disk
8 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.6423 $462.45/mo
128 GB / 12 CPU
500GB SSD disk
9 TB Transfer
$/hr 0.9904 $713.11/mo
192 GB / 12 CPU
1000GB SSD disk
10 TB Transfer

Extra disk Space

Get extra disk space for your data with an easy storage scaling

$/hr 0.0140 $10.08/mo

*Based on Miami Disk prices

Multiple IPv4

Enable your project to work trough multiple IPv4 for each instance and get the best of network connectivity

IPv4 0
$ /hr 0.0000 $0.00/mo

Extra Data Transfer

Use extra data transfer on demand, paying just $0.01/GB for whole account. And save money with free inbound bandwidth to instances.

GB 0
$ 0.00 $0.01/GB

*Based on Miami Disk prices

cdn accelerator map

CDN Accelerator

Comming Soon

Cache and distribute static files worldwide with CDN Accelerator. CDN Accelerator is billed hourly at $0.25 per Virtual Machine with this feature activated.

Network, Security And Additional Features


Make it simple, setting domain names to a cloud server using our DNS tool.

99.98% Uptime SLA

Grant Stability to your service with high quality DataCenters trough the world.

Network Firewall

Get your cloud server secure with internal Network Firewall software, for free

Disk Resize

Increase disk size to fit the Project needs. Rescale the storage capacity with a single slide

Vertical Scalability

Manage and rescale cloud server as your service grows.


Monitor the cloud server performance and resolve stability problems on your project.

Full SSH Access

Get Root administrator access and dedicated IP to manage included with all VPS.

Help Center

Get many problems solved with hundred of tutorials.

Frequently asked questions about Pricing