There are 3 ways for you, to recharge your LetsCloud account. Below, we will list how you can recharge it and their rules

Manual recharge

The Manual recharge is a one-time purchase which can be done with a credit card, paypal or a prepaid credit card. Choose the value you want to recharge, then select your favorite payment method and confirm the recharge.

Automatic recharge

With automatic recharge you set a limit, and every time you reach this limit we'll charge your credit card with a defined value. The automatic recharge is only available for credit card payment method.

Post payment

With post payment you will be charged every time you reach your account billing threshold or on the first day of each month, whichever comes first. This type of recharge is only available for credit card payment method.

You can see your billing threshold on billing settings section in the control panel.


This is a limit for post payment purchases previously set by us. You start with a $10 (or BRL $20) and you will be charged everytime you reach this limit.

The threshold value changes according to user's activity.

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