Advantages of DNS AnyCast

Anycast DNS is a traffic routing algorithm used to improve load times and protect against DDoS attacks through multiple nodes around the world. Be the nearest server to your user’s location fast and safe.


Traditional DNS

Using Traditional DNS, you will be limited to a single Data transmission route. Resulting in problems such as high latency, server unavailability in cases of DDoS Attack, and penalizations in Search Engine Results Pages.

LetsCloud DNS AnyCast

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LetsCloud provides DNS Anycast free of charge. Build your applications with Low-Latency and Save Money.
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Anycast enables you to scale a stateless service, to enhance DNS response time.

Know Our DNS AnyCast Points

These are the 13 DNS AnyCast Locations that LetsCloud Connects to provide you with a better Performance:

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  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Göteborg, Sweden
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Hong Kong
  • London, England
  • Singapore
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London, England
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Washington, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • San Jose, USA

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Frequently Asked Questions About DNS AnyCast

How does anycast DNS work?

DNS stands for domain name system, and it's the system that translates domain names (the names of websites) into alphanumeric IP addresses that machines can read. This is known as "resolving" a domain name, and DNS resolvers are the servers that manage the resolving. When a user wants to load a website, the client device needs to query a DNS resolver for the IP address of that website.

What is anycast DNS?

In anycast, one IP address can apply to many servers. Anycast DNS means that any one of a number of DNS servers can respond to DNS queries, and typically the one that is geographically closest will provide the response. This reduces latency, improves uptime for the DNS resolving service, and provides protection against DNS flood DDoS attacks.

What is Anycast?

In anycast, a collection of servers share the same IP address and send data from a source computer to the server that is topographically the closest. This helps cut down on latency and bandwidth costs, improves load time for users, and improves availability. It is important to remember that topographically closer does not inherently mean geographically closer, though this is often the case.