Podcasts for DevOps: Keep Up With Other Professionals

DevOps practices have become increasingly essential for improving the internal culture of companies. As a consequence, increasing team productivity and sales results. For the most effective development of products and services, DevOps practices have been applied from the best collaboration among teams, intelligent use of feedback and monitoring of metrics.

Due to its importance and high demand in-= the market, the knowledge in DevOps has aroused the interest of many professionals, especially in the IT area. So we’ve listed 6 podcasts for you to learn DevOps, master the key concepts and understand with experts from around the world how to apply it to your day-to-day business.

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Podcasts about DevOps:

1. Ship It Show

It is a fortnightly podcast, with the main news about software engineering and DevOps and interviews with great experts, as well as indications of new techniques and tools to assist those who work in the area. Full information on the content of each episode is available on the podcast site.

2. Arrested DevOps

Arrested DevOps was created by three experienced professionals in the field. It is a podcast that aims to help others understand and implement the DevOps culture in their own teams based on best practices and effective techniques.

3. DevOps Cafe

DevOps Cafe is one of the most traditional and respected podcasts on the subject. It is online since 2010, and it is presented by John Willis, one of the precursors of the movement. The editions are monthly and also count on the participation of Damon Edwards.

4. Puppet Podcast

Puppet’s official podcast brings not only information to those who work with the company’s products but also has discussions with renowned IT professionals about the reality and future of using DevOps techniques. In addition, it brings the main trends in the area of configuration management and automation in the cloud.

5. Release Report

With duration of about 30 minutes, the podcast monthly presents a briefing with the main news about the DevOps community and you can listen to it through SoundCloud.

6. DevOps Radio

This is a Spotify based podcast that covers everything regarding software delivery. There’s great content shared with the public. However, they don’t follow a frequency or a pattern length of episodes. 

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