DevOps: How to engage your team?

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As we explained in a previous article: DevOps is the contraction of the words “developers” and “ops”. It is a collaborative culture of automating processes, but it needs engagement between development teams and operational departments to facilitate software development, testing and delivery.

Thinking DevOps as a culture, the employees needs to be motivated by the company so they can feel the need of being engaged. The team leaders should explain why the company will adopt DevOps in their developments.

Because of this, it’s necessary work on three pillars: Explanation, training and improvement tests.

Explanation about DevOps

For a team to want to be a part of DevOps, they need understand what it is, the goals and the expectation for results. Compare your company with competitors, use survey data and talk about the gains for company and everyone by implementing this culture.

Beyond increase the security, DevOps reduces the wasting time in production team, analysis and correction of bugs and errors. It affects everyone, reducing the work, the paperwork between sectors and expands the capacity of learning and interaction between professionals.

Companies like Adobe, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook have already implemented DevOps in their routines.


No one sends a soldier to the field without him knowing how to shoot. Implementing DevOps is the same. Train how many necessary people, update them with news always it is possibility, so that your company be sure can enjoy the results. Every penny that you invest in your team to their quality, returns in agility, integration and profit.

Changing a culture isn’t an easy thing, not cheap for sure, but it turns out to be more lucrative than maintaining old methods that need to be replaced.


Start with small teams. When testing confirms the effectiveness of DevOps, extend it to all possible areas. The tests tell what is wrong and help your company to learn by practicing, showing to people who have not yet joined, how much DevOps it is a table-turned to change the lives of everyone involved.

Some traditional companies in the market show resistance to the implementation of DevOps, while the technology giants and startups already live within this culture. They already learned the results depend on tests, finding where is wrong, and correcting it. As in a system, DevOps culture needs open-minded human team to adapt and solve.

Engagement is the main tool to make DevOps work and increase profits. Investing in it without fear, knowing how to deal with what can go wrong along the way is what increases the maturity of the company in the market. This tells investors that it is moving in the right direction with its developments.

If you want to know better, click here to see the tools most commonly used by DevOps

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