Covid-19: The impact of working from home

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Many professionals who work from their homes have been questioned by their productivity after the spread of Covid-19. Although it may seem that this isn’t news to the information technology branch, numerous small and traditional businesses have big part of their developers and employers from this area as formal jobs.

This also means that these professionals either never worked from home or this was never an option, once the business model they adopted wouldn’t fit home office. Finally, the necessity of staying at home has put all the lights to the issue of how harmful it may be for some businesses to have their employees working remotely.

If on the one hand we believe that the comfort from working from home may result in better results, on the other hand there are studies that prove productivity won’t change according to the environment, according to being at home or in an office. What these researches show is that the professional’s personality and the project developed will tell if he is really focused at service.

The productivity of working from home

A study performed with people that work at home made by The New York Times has shown how these employees feel regarding their focus in the tasks they do at home. Those who work from 60% to 80% outside their office said they would feel more focused than any other alternative, even the ones who work exclusively from home or in their offices.

The same study also points out that everytime more companies from different industries are trying remote work as an option to reduce internal expenses, making it possible to use the savings to give better salaries to their employees.

Regarding the beginning of this study, in 2012, some industries increased up to 8% of this practice with their employees. The curious fact is that the first position of the list is occupied by the transports industry, where most part of functions are in the management and logistics area. The first place is followed by the information, entertainment and financial industries.

What changes with Covid-19?

Implementing a remote work routine has been worrying small businesses and even freelancers about what comes next. The truth is that the world wasn’t ready to such sudden changes and will be very different when it all pass.

In other words, companies that feel a big impact in their fixed expenses will wish to implement and improve their workflows, so that professionals will need to prove they keep their responsibilities and production under any scenario to not be replaced.

Whether working from home brings happiness, it also depends on what the professional wants to follow as a routine. There are some people who can focus outside their offices as there are the ones who can’t be anything but methodical. At last, even coworking spaces have been rethought now that the world discovered that it is possible to communicate professionally from any connected environment.

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