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AlmaLinux CentOS

AlmaLinux – To fill the gap left by CentOS

December 2020 brought remarkable news to the Linux community: the end of stable versions of CentOS. From now on, CentOS will be replaced by the CentOS Stream project, a continuous release type distribution, with no release of the final versions. We commented on this news here on the blog, with

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people holding jigsaw pieces joining and forming the word TEAM

DevOps: How to engage your team?

As we explained in a previous article: DevOps is the contraction of the words “developers” and “ops”. It is a collaborative culture of automating processes, but it needs engagement between development teams and operational departments to facilitate software development, testing,

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Security Best Practices: Keep Your Cloud Safe

The Cloud is a new playground that changes the rules and organization of the ISD, including security. Public cloud providers offer a shared responsibility model, where the provider manages cloud security, and where cloud security is the responsibility of the

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DevOps: What Are The Most Used Tools?

The list of tools with the “DevOps” label is growing faster everyday.Getting to know the needs of your team is important. It will enable the team to use the right services to facilitate the development of new applications. This article

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