A General View on Cloud Computing and its advantages in the evolution of technology

a computer with a cloud inside and with two nuts beside and behind multiple connections

We have written about cloud computing exhaustively because we are part of the group that believes the future of technology lies in this field. In fact, there is a lot of research and evidence about it. 

Since its existence, cloud computing has opened many doors to technology. Consider the concept of the internet of things and you will see that we’re talking the truth, just keep the reading bellow

Cloud computing: a list of advantages

As promised, I will list some of the main advantages of cloud computing, in an easy way to remember: a Cloud Computing review.

  • Cost reduction: The pooling of IT resources and usage-based billing makes cloud computing economically attractive.
  • Accessibility: Cloud computing services are accessible at all times, on all media, via an internet connection.
  • Elasticity: Cloud Computing makes it quick and easy to allocate more resources to production applications to meet point-to-point increases.
  • Rapid Deployment and Simplicity of Integration: Deploying and running a cloud computing service takes little time.
  • Service availability: Cloud Computing helps to guarantee access and availability of services. The Cloud Computing Service Provider is contractually committed to minimum server interruption through Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • The necessary flexibility for your projects: Cloud Computing adapts in real-time to your projects and supports the development of activity without additional costs.
  • Data security: Data security is the biggest obstacle to the adoption of cloud computing. In this context, providers guarantee users a very high degree of data security with data encryption, software monitoring, and securing storage locations (datacenters).
  • Rapid adoption by end-users: Applications using cloud computing services are for the most part easy to adopt. Cloud Computing simplifies the uses.
  • The positive effect on the environment: Cloud computing, based on server virtualization, the pooling of computing power, and the flexibility of services is part of an eco-responsible approach.
  • Reversibility: The restitution of all the data of a company is guaranteed by the suppliers providing in their contract a clause of reversibility
Table of advantages of Cloud Computing

We hope this quick Cloud Computing review can make your journey as a developer easier. These terms are constant topics of any conversation about Cloud technology.
Here in our blog the Cloud Computing is the main topic, keep reading us to learn more.

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